Friday, 5 July 2013

Lifestyle-gay - prosperierende and remorse

The famous British writer Oscar Wilde over a century ago has been jailed for immoral conduct towards one with another man, which simply means in the jargon of today, which was sexually attracted to someone of your own sex. It may be that they have been the most famous modern homosexual celebrities. Others were of course in the old society. It is rumored that Julius Caeser and Alexander were both bisexual.

Would Mr. Wilde Treaty differently today? Of course. Would he go to jail? Just.

Why? What happened in just 150 years since his tragic suffering for what they said was innocent love between two men? Not only tolerance but acceptance for gays and lesbians led a series of factors, to practice their sexual preference in open society.

We first examined the refusal. In general, in many companies and professionals, to para admitir admit you're gay or lesbian is a movement of end to his career. Yes, even today in day. Our society is largely heterosexual and there is a tacit practice of the label and the communication, if silence about your sex life, you're not gay. Never seen or listening which admit it, but it is simply the truth. Therefore in these areas, an open, open admission that you are not heterosexual (or vice - versa, to gay, lesbian, transgender etc. etc.) is shocking and discomfort of the assumptions of truck Apple and social customs. Conduct less lifestyle.

But as I am at the beginning of the article, there are a lot of good news for gays and lesbians.

Society is generally more open to alternative Sexualities

More and more companies offer health and other benefits such as hetero and Homo-pareja

Many States in the United States and the countries of the world are same-sex marriages legally do. France was the latest in the parade of the compared countries same sex marriage to the traditional man-woman marriages.

Gay swing almost massive influence with politicians. Imagine why gay pride parades popular with established as well could be challenging? They are really proud to see women and men in Homo-sexual.

Adoptions by homosexual couples are on the rise. Adoption agencies, frown not on lack of 'traditional' partner at home.

So if you are gay or lesbian, how to handle this sudden, but somewhat slow wave of acceptance by colleagues and superiors?

I think that it is part of the large fork for the straight, that gays and lesbians are sometimes very established and loud and aggressive. It seems that they insist, wear your heart on your sleeve, so to speak. This creates resentment among even those who are moderate and the company would like to see the adaptation to alternative lifestyles.

Gays and lesbians must defend their position with the conviction rather than aggression. Enter, that the company is trying to try and push, thrust in a corner, and will lash back.

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