Friday, 5 July 2013

Disruptive behavior - relations gays and lesbians

Gay and lesbian issues have gained in the enormous advantage of recent decades. Especially in the United States and some European countries its portfolio, according to some could not be greater. There are parades in his honor, the military acceptance among their ranks, music and performances on them to write many interpreters and economic, are a force to be reckoned.

Keep in mind, have intentionally focused gay and lesbian and not as others, the adjacent Orientierungen, transgender, bisexual etc.. They are more stressed, appears in the search for meaning to their cause, in part, because they tend to, pushed to the edge. Away from gays and lesbians, they are at the forefront of the movement to recognize alternative sexual lifestyles.

And yet, the acceptance is slow and painful. Why?

Why gays and lesbians, for all the problems of your brands? They are established recognition to fight, and it seems to lose in heterosexual pairs. Gay friends have founded among politicians that this use are honestly and not by the company, a segment that remains still a marginal existence.

Here are some of the reasons.

Gays and lesbians have supported the causes of evil. Its cause should not force the constitutional amendment to recognize the marriage, but to demand equality of wages and benefits. While they accept the marriage of persons of the same sex in some States, what is a "gay punishment" and can be removed.
You went on "in your face" style of protest to produce. They must realize that they are in the minority. An overwhelming majority of the world's population is heterosexual.
It has tried to expand his group, involving a variety of other groups with similar genres, but different orientation sexual-TRANS, cross-dressing, etc... Although the intention is noble, it dilutes your message.
They have behaved badly to religious or moral, genuine concerns the opponent. Participate instead of reasonable discussion, have become hypersensitive and frankly sometimes rude. Therefore, they come as fringe elements.
They have to realize that politicians use hand guards - votes and donations to his campaign. Many of these politicians are Heuchler - they do not tolerate gays in their own families and even profess to walk the compassion and the defense of the cause of gay. Gays and lesbians call them as well.It is customary to profess love for the public education send their children to private schools.

The news is positive for gays and lesbians is that adjustments of change in your favor. People, despite their personal feelings have a genuine and sincere compassion for gays and lesbians. So what is best to join them, a dialogue and a discussion healthy.

I believe that, while the world still predominantly heterosexual, and be always an element of society, not for gays and lesbians, these groups can be should be intelligent and positive about your cause and go richtig - patience, dialogue, cooperation and exchange of ideas.

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