Monday, 8 July 2013

Why should marriage be gay right.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that its creator with certain inalienable rights, among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness..." "The United States of the independence Declaration".

These words are for gays and lesbians, which first had anchored a beacon of hope by our founding fathers. You're a lifesaver to point the way toward peace and happiness is not performed. And they are permanent memories that long sought personal joy, which beyond the United States, Canada and other progressive Nations continue to increase its stamp of approval on gay men and lesbians that get marriage with the full range of rights, benefits and obligations of other marriages.

Due to the enormous pressure to comply with social norms is the personal way to equality for gays and lesbians seeking marriage difficult. Many have decided that dan conventional marriages of shame, guilt, a constant battle, as if only in sexual orientation and the need, gay sexual feelings or well hidden lesbian keep brought behavior. It has lasted many failed marriages and children of parents solitary, lead to the point in their lives where they realize, they never at peace with her gender and sexual orientation to the freedom of living, are their lives as gay men and lesbian women that balance and self-esteem by heterosexual experience has soared.

The struggle for equality of the marriage only between the points of contention in the gay community. Adoption of children is now in the list. But the stack is suffering historic and ridiculous, the Board of supervisors to homosexuals in the United States beyond that was what the tragic murder in 1978 by Harvey milk the Member first openly gay in San Francisco, California. The Ministry of Justice under the current Government in the pursuit of this type of human rights violations was fortunately, if permitted by the applicable legislation.

Although the issue of equality of marriage for gays and lesbians along with adoption is still unclear, it seems ripe for judicial review by our Supreme Court in its next term. Let us hope and pray that the Court waived every temptation, an Orwellian solution as impose, by this quote from animal farm Orwell (1945) proposes that "all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others".

We recommend that all Americans granted the right to marry his life no matter where, regardless of sex, the Supreme Court of Justice. It is not suitable for our country if the Court imposed a patchwork of legal uncertainty among the citizens on the pretext of maintaining the rights of the State.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Lesbian relationships with older women

Love, they say, knows no boundaries, at least in terms of the two people who are directly affected. For others, outside of a relationship are often some of the negative aspects and defects, they are more than happy to explain the scheme and is occasionally placed as barriers or obstacles to a perfect partnership. A relationship of love between two people is something that these two, includes many others in the circle with the opinions, suggestions and more often not a person draws reviews already not - only if there was ever the case.

This applies not only to a relationship between two people of the same sex, but also for mixed-race couples, for those who have found their soulmate, someone from abroad and its partner requested different social level. Especially for young people, arguments arise before a union with someone much older than they are.

The reasons vary appeared but survived, in the end, one or two simple points: where the more than fifteen years of age unlike any way if the young will cope with an older partner, if they already not able to take care of himself or herself; If the older of the two is only an adventure, their courage, their feelings and fears promoting age and loss of sex appeal. They are looking for content areas to test whether the young was blind and led by evil way.

At the beginning of a relationship, both parties should look what means such ease and deal with the ups and downs of life with another person. It intends in a lesbian relationship, however, many other considerations to keep in mind to settle down to a life of peace and quiet together and allow the world to go their own way, especially if the relationship refers to two people of different ages.

The first hurdle, to have a new pair overcome is social acceptance. For many the biggest disadvantage of an open homosexual relationship is the reaction from family, friends and coworkers and the danger cut, pushed out of the former social circles, losing friendships or, worse still, rejected by their own families. Sometimes it is necessary to start from scratch again and accept the fact, is the a new phase in the life of new friends, a new social environment and new challenges.

The following is the age difference. For many a relationship where there is an age over a range of five years is questionable, can cause that unpleasant thoughts and reviews even. Age must do, however, where love is not no difference for the couple is or involved great personal appeal.

The advantages of a lesbian love affair with one older woman are different. It is a higher level of experience, not just life in general but also with the more intimate side of a relationship. An old woman who has experienced life, understands the difficulties of life in a society where homosexual relations are still badly seen, can bring a degree of calm, if problems occur.

Participates in the intimate side in terms of gender, an elderly woman brings something more than love in a relationship, having the experience of previous partners, a better knowledge of their own body, to share the needs and desires and will maintain a good and stable relationship. And at the end of a story of lesbian with one older woman is doomed just like any other relationship with one elderly person, also or others if it judged. It's two people who love each other and not the opinions of the people, the lack of understanding of the true meaning of a relationship regardless of age, gender or origin.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

How "Come out" as a transsexual family

It's an article about leaving, parents, siblings or relatives or friends that you are near. It is not that they go to the children. This is for another post.

Before you arrive:

I think it is important, first of all think about the purpose of your communication, and that just came out with them to hide and let them know who you are and he fought with. I am accepted assumption that also remain as you want close as possible to his family and and hopefully in the future.

It is also the question, if you should ever come. If you depend on your parents/family (under the age of 18, or if for the school, etc..) Zahlen...), then you will need to cut your very real possibility that you think or disable. The last thing they want is a young homeless transgender. If this happens, it can then wiser spending good time looking for and, prior to obtaining their support.

If people decide the time is right and safe, then comes to them...

The vehicle:

My experience has been with Transgender clients, a letter works best. The Charter has several advantages over face-to-face communication.

Take your time and think about what to say and it perfectly to the word.
You have to read a friend, therapist, or the person of the first support and feedback.
It must not be interrupted.
Receiver can go back and read again and take your time with it.

Why a letter and without email? Now, it's personal, email can be a little cold.

What to say:

I'm from the school of thought that we should say so clearly and clearly as possible only in their own words. I feel very good, also include:

To be sure, love them and keep in touch and hope that they supported him.
Warranty that is not his "guilt".
A little bit about his battle with the House over the years, his experience, handling, insulation, etc... (be specific! It will help them empathize with them)
Some recommendations of books, articles, or groups of self-help in your region
and I recommend not explicitly asked to respond immediately, but taking something (a week) time before responding. Let them sit with him. The undergrowth towards out every emergency badly and allow it to cool.

Thus, as a letter job suit you, you may need your exit chart for the different members of the family to vote. His parents are two separate people (or perhaps more than two), invite them individually to respond.

What not to say:

There is no need of long-term specific/schedules or operations plans in his coming-out script talk. Please note that the purpose of the letter is, tells his family that they are transgender. Period of time. Plans for the future are better for future communications. Why? Since only the fact to digest, it is a trans son/daughter/brother/sister from the beginning. Please note, there is much thinking about it and they are ready to move forward. Just they are learning this for the first time and must absorb. I think that its OK to gently point to the fact that changes in the future could be, but I would not be father going in its first communication on this subject.

There is no need to enter in the etiology of transsexualism here. There are also many theories contradictory, biological and otherwise, and although he knew that you people transgender can the origin of its being there does not change.

Friday, 5 July 2013

After the break-up - more loving with abandon

I was thrilled to see that end of 2012 few months removed. It was the end of a relationship for 11 years ago. It witnessed the beginning of my resurrection of unemployment after the economic downturn. I had some treacherous waters of economic difficulties to navigate, how in recent years had been found. If our thoughts are manifested in reality, I was new to infiltrate the stagnation that had become my daily meditation.

At the end of a relationship, you can reconsider you who they are, where are you going in life and in general throughout its existence on the planet. I was depressed, desperate and ask myself, why remove a presence have even, that the refusal of one had come, as you know my partner.

I banished, I pulled into my new job. I started to refrain from 10-12 hours a day to reflect on the past and resistant to work for the future. I have a friend was and determined that it should remain in my life and that you need to move accommodate new positive souls in my life clear. In addition to occasional wines fit on my friends couch better, I was determined to continue with my life and on the other side, strong, healthy and free of resentment.

Then I was on a day that it hit me, ready to leave the stage. I was ready to find someone that I could at least call for a dinner or a movie a chance and a new. The next concern was that he had forgotten how the new interest women know. Where could anyone go in the 1940's, meet new and interesting people who have lived may or may not be as interesting life.

Of course, it was the answer right in front of me, Internet. There are tons of websites that have been made in any pleasure. Chose a common and popular single website a notice of personal contacts in the women seeking women to place. I said to myself that I not this type of people, always an answer, crawl the site every day after new faces or respond to anyone who asked about my State, possessed. It would be a sophisticated Internet dater. Insert laugh here.

In general, the responses were that I have good and positive. I have more than 30 winks serves as a good ego boost shortly after doubts about my own value at the end of my last relationship. According to some people to meet personally and descents, I met some acquaintances, you. It was the first contact you send me a wink and then add me as a favorite on your list of potential romantic interests started. I went to your profile to see what you had written about himself, and my curiosity was aroused. Again I do not react immediately, but wink sent back. I have a couple of days before finally finding an email a little more about it. In a few days, we decided to meet in person. She had a point of local Afterhours in your city for us drinks and chat has been chosen. When I went into the operation, I knew that she was. There as something familiar that came in mind, when I saw her sitting with a smile as if it were our date night usually after together for several years. Love at first sight has never been something credible to me. I thought that your pass and unrealistic, but here was something that had never experienced in my life.

You gave me a big hug and it was nice finally knows me personally. Remember to inhale and eyes in the comfort of his embrace to close its aroma.

The rest is history, use the common cliche. We have been inseparable since then. There is a satisfaction that has been my life since I met you. I was finally ready, in a better relationship will work whatever I it takes and regardless of relationship they are adults. I wanted to repeat my mistakes of the past, on the other hand, wanted to be vulnerable and open, so someone I appreciate with all my mistakes.

Disruptive behavior - relations gays and lesbians

Gay and lesbian issues have gained in the enormous advantage of recent decades. Especially in the United States and some European countries its portfolio, according to some could not be greater. There are parades in his honor, the military acceptance among their ranks, music and performances on them to write many interpreters and economic, are a force to be reckoned.

Keep in mind, have intentionally focused gay and lesbian and not as others, the adjacent Orientierungen, transgender, bisexual etc.. They are more stressed, appears in the search for meaning to their cause, in part, because they tend to, pushed to the edge. Away from gays and lesbians, they are at the forefront of the movement to recognize alternative sexual lifestyles.

And yet, the acceptance is slow and painful. Why?

Why gays and lesbians, for all the problems of your brands? They are established recognition to fight, and it seems to lose in heterosexual pairs. Gay friends have founded among politicians that this use are honestly and not by the company, a segment that remains still a marginal existence.

Here are some of the reasons.

Gays and lesbians have supported the causes of evil. Its cause should not force the constitutional amendment to recognize the marriage, but to demand equality of wages and benefits. While they accept the marriage of persons of the same sex in some States, what is a "gay punishment" and can be removed.
You went on "in your face" style of protest to produce. They must realize that they are in the minority. An overwhelming majority of the world's population is heterosexual.
It has tried to expand his group, involving a variety of other groups with similar genres, but different orientation sexual-TRANS, cross-dressing, etc... Although the intention is noble, it dilutes your message.
They have behaved badly to religious or moral, genuine concerns the opponent. Participate instead of reasonable discussion, have become hypersensitive and frankly sometimes rude. Therefore, they come as fringe elements.
They have to realize that politicians use hand guards - votes and donations to his campaign. Many of these politicians are Heuchler - they do not tolerate gays in their own families and even profess to walk the compassion and the defense of the cause of gay. Gays and lesbians call them as well.It is customary to profess love for the public education send their children to private schools.

The news is positive for gays and lesbians is that adjustments of change in your favor. People, despite their personal feelings have a genuine and sincere compassion for gays and lesbians. So what is best to join them, a dialogue and a discussion healthy.

I believe that, while the world still predominantly heterosexual, and be always an element of society, not for gays and lesbians, these groups can be should be intelligent and positive about your cause and go richtig - patience, dialogue, cooperation and exchange of ideas.

Lifestyle-gay - prosperierende and remorse

The famous British writer Oscar Wilde over a century ago has been jailed for immoral conduct towards one with another man, which simply means in the jargon of today, which was sexually attracted to someone of your own sex. It may be that they have been the most famous modern homosexual celebrities. Others were of course in the old society. It is rumored that Julius Caeser and Alexander were both bisexual.

Would Mr. Wilde Treaty differently today? Of course. Would he go to jail? Just.

Why? What happened in just 150 years since his tragic suffering for what they said was innocent love between two men? Not only tolerance but acceptance for gays and lesbians led a series of factors, to practice their sexual preference in open society.

We first examined the refusal. In general, in many companies and professionals, to para admitir admit you're gay or lesbian is a movement of end to his career. Yes, even today in day. Our society is largely heterosexual and there is a tacit practice of the label and the communication, if silence about your sex life, you're not gay. Never seen or listening which admit it, but it is simply the truth. Therefore in these areas, an open, open admission that you are not heterosexual (or vice - versa, to gay, lesbian, transgender etc. etc.) is shocking and discomfort of the assumptions of truck Apple and social customs. Conduct less lifestyle.

But as I am at the beginning of the article, there are a lot of good news for gays and lesbians.

Society is generally more open to alternative Sexualities

More and more companies offer health and other benefits such as hetero and Homo-pareja

Many States in the United States and the countries of the world are same-sex marriages legally do. France was the latest in the parade of the compared countries same sex marriage to the traditional man-woman marriages.

Gay swing almost massive influence with politicians. Imagine why gay pride parades popular with established as well could be challenging? They are really proud to see women and men in Homo-sexual.

Adoptions by homosexual couples are on the rise. Adoption agencies, frown not on lack of 'traditional' partner at home.

So if you are gay or lesbian, how to handle this sudden, but somewhat slow wave of acceptance by colleagues and superiors?

I think that it is part of the large fork for the straight, that gays and lesbians are sometimes very established and loud and aggressive. It seems that they insist, wear your heart on your sleeve, so to speak. This creates resentment among even those who are moderate and the company would like to see the adaptation to alternative lifestyles.

Gays and lesbians must defend their position with the conviction rather than aggression. Enter, that the company is trying to try and push, thrust in a corner, and will lash back.