Saturday, 6 July 2013

How "Come out" as a transsexual family

It's an article about leaving, parents, siblings or relatives or friends that you are near. It is not that they go to the children. This is for another post.

Before you arrive:

I think it is important, first of all think about the purpose of your communication, and that just came out with them to hide and let them know who you are and he fought with. I am accepted assumption that also remain as you want close as possible to his family and and hopefully in the future.

It is also the question, if you should ever come. If you depend on your parents/family (under the age of 18, or if for the school, etc..) Zahlen...), then you will need to cut your very real possibility that you think or disable. The last thing they want is a young homeless transgender. If this happens, it can then wiser spending good time looking for and, prior to obtaining their support.

If people decide the time is right and safe, then comes to them...

The vehicle:

My experience has been with Transgender clients, a letter works best. The Charter has several advantages over face-to-face communication.

Take your time and think about what to say and it perfectly to the word.
You have to read a friend, therapist, or the person of the first support and feedback.
It must not be interrupted.
Receiver can go back and read again and take your time with it.

Why a letter and without email? Now, it's personal, email can be a little cold.

What to say:

I'm from the school of thought that we should say so clearly and clearly as possible only in their own words. I feel very good, also include:

To be sure, love them and keep in touch and hope that they supported him.
Warranty that is not his "guilt".
A little bit about his battle with the House over the years, his experience, handling, insulation, etc... (be specific! It will help them empathize with them)
Some recommendations of books, articles, or groups of self-help in your region
and I recommend not explicitly asked to respond immediately, but taking something (a week) time before responding. Let them sit with him. The undergrowth towards out every emergency badly and allow it to cool.

Thus, as a letter job suit you, you may need your exit chart for the different members of the family to vote. His parents are two separate people (or perhaps more than two), invite them individually to respond.

What not to say:

There is no need of long-term specific/schedules or operations plans in his coming-out script talk. Please note that the purpose of the letter is, tells his family that they are transgender. Period of time. Plans for the future are better for future communications. Why? Since only the fact to digest, it is a trans son/daughter/brother/sister from the beginning. Please note, there is much thinking about it and they are ready to move forward. Just they are learning this for the first time and must absorb. I think that its OK to gently point to the fact that changes in the future could be, but I would not be father going in its first communication on this subject.

There is no need to enter in the etiology of transsexualism here. There are also many theories contradictory, biological and otherwise, and although he knew that you people transgender can the origin of its being there does not change.

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