Sunday, 6 September 2015

Good Gadget Good Shopping List

This new trend has paved the way for headphones becoming more and more visible at home. As technology continuously improved, the quality of sound got better and better. The improved quality has made this gadget a staple in the family room where one can listen to his favorite songs or watch movies in private.

Since the home theater has become a necessity in modern homes, movies and videos can now be played at home with the same film quality of image and sound as that in the actual cinema. The wireless headphones come very handy, especially inside the entertainment room. Wireless headphones are a blessing when watching TV in the bedroom at night to catch up on missed episodes of your favorite show, or if you simply can't sleep yet and you want to watch the movie that's now playing in HBO. The Sony MDRDS300 is one of the best performing headphones in the market now. These headphones offer comfort with their heavily padded ear cups without sacrificing their excellent quality of sound.

Forget your shopping list? Won't it be impressive to do your shopping with all the shopping list items in your mind?

This system forms a good foundation to learn other more advanced memory systems.
It can be used to memorize a list of items, like a shopping list or a to-do list, in sequence. This technique involves forming an image of each item and making associations between adjacent items in the list. Say you need to recall a Christmas shopping list off the back of your mind:

1. iPod
2. Chocolate
3. Christmas Tree
4. Gift Cards
5. Champagne
6. Log Cake

You can form the association between the 6 items using 5 associations using nothing but your imagination and association:

A flurry of gift cards start to drop off the tree like overripe fruits the more you shake the tree.

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